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SafetyGrip has been serving the transportation industry with high-quality products and service since 1997. A privately-owned trading and distribution company, SafetyGrip offers customers a wide assortment of products and services through three departments.


With a large and diverse inventory of major brands and sizes, SafetyGrip has the ability to cater for all transporter needs. SafetyGrip carries tyres for all applications in all segments of the industry including passenger, light truck, commercial truck, agriculture, OTR tyres, rims and all tyre related products.


SafetyGrip imports passenger, agriculture, industrial, OTR and truck tyres from China which are sold to tyre dealers in South Africa. SafetyGrip has the sole agency of our import brands


SafetyGrip is familiar with international trade regulations due to our loyal export customer base.

SafetyGrip is based in Gauteng but we have a well-established national footprint with a sister-company in Cape Town and an alliance in the Free State. We proudly carry products of well-known international and local brands

Black Economic Empowerment

In 2014, Safetygrip Holdings (Pty) established a BEE ownership scheme with the intention to provide previously disadvantaged employees with the opportunity to own a stake in the company and participate in its growth. SafetyGrip Holdings has a level 2 B-BBEE status with 125% procurement recognition

New Tyres

We are able to supply a vast range of quality imported and local tyres in any size, make and pattern to suit all applications and price ranges.


We are able to retread truck and earthmoving tyres, using cutting-edge tyre technology and rigorous quality controls. Retreading can be done on premium as well as budget tyres.

Truck Alignment and Balancing

We offer fully equipped mobile truck alignment units that use high-tech and the most advanced in commercial wheel alignment technology to attend to our customer’s trucks on site. Our units can accurately check radius bushes, rocker bushes, air ride bushes, u-bolts diff stabiliser bushes, pivot bolts, kingpins, tie-rods, etc. to save our customers spend on tyres and fuel, and ensure drivers have hassle free trips so that goods can be delivered on time and as safely as possible.

Our highly trained technicians are able to offer state-of -the-art fixed alignment, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, brake testing, and suspension testing to improve steering handling, eliminate pull, reduce irregular tyre wear, and improve fuel economy for customers.

We offer fully equipped mobile truck alignment units that use high-tech and the most advanced in commercial wheel alignment technology to attend to our customer’s trucks on site.

On-Site Tyre Management Programmes

The tyre management programmes focus on optimum return on tyre investment. These programmes provide an array of tyre management information, which ensure accurate measurement and proper evaluation of the tyre maintenance procedures implemented by Safety Grip’s Fleet services division. These programmes are:

  • On-site tyre personnel
  • Auditing of the on-site personnel by reviewing the KPI’s
  • Scrap Tyre Analysis
  • Fleet Inspection (Manually or Electronically)
  • Tyre Management
Electronic survey tool

SafetyGrip has the option of implementing electronic handheld tools on-site which can be used to survey the fleet in real time without the need to re-enter tyre data, thus ensuring up-to-date and reliable data. The handheld tool confirms the tyre make, model and brand number, checks the tread depths and pressures, insuring that all the tyres checked are true and correct, as errors could occur when manual surveys are conducted.

Mobile Tyre Breakdown Service

We provide 24-hour emergency roadside assistance within South Africa, 365 days-a-year. Our highly trained fitters can be deployed to our customers with all the required tools and equipment to maintain their fleet at the convenience of their premises.

We are able to provide emergency roadside assistance for any type and size of commercial vehicle. Our fully equipped mobile breakdown vehicles carry an extensive range of spares and repair tools. The key difference with our breakdown vehicles is the unique mount on the back of the vehicle which ensures that our everyone is safeguarded while tyres are being pumped. The mount also enables our technician to thoroughly inspect the tyre and wheel components to ensure safety as they remount and inflate tyres.

Nitrogen Air

We offer nitrogen inflation to:

  • Reduce inflation pressure loss.
  • Reduce wheel corrosion
  • Ensure the tyres run cooler.
  • Prevent inner-liner rubber deterioration.
  • Increase tyre tread life.
  • Improve fuel mileage.
  • Prevent uneven wear








Quality Brands

We offer an array of products ranging from the best-known brands in South Africa to our premium import products to provide you, our customer, with options which are best suited to your needs.












BF Goodrich




Leader Tread

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